London stylist and Reflekt contributor Olivia Loeke Keelor rants about the faded allure of black and how she's bringing colour back in vogue.

Fashion is an ice cream dream melting away at the seams. The reason being it’s all sold out of everyone’s favorite colour way which is: BLACK. A long long time ago I can still remember when black use to make me smile. When is was sleek, daring, sophisticated and actually fucking SEXY . Instead now it’s a faded safe regimented uniform for the supposed IN (fashion) crowd. With an exclusive attitude, that’s wearing thin. You can say what you want but it wont change my mind, and I know y’all reading have the same feels. Go to any fashion event (not advocated), anywhere in the world and you will see an army of head to tote noir crusaders. This is shocking, considering fashion is a peacocking sport. Birthed by self expressism to show one’s self off. And lets take off the oversized sunglasses, the sequins are getting shiner and the platforms are getting higher. With no sign of stopping, fashion is more accessible than it’s EVER been. So why aren’t all these avid fans following co-ord? Fashion is meant to be a form of breaking society’s rules and having fun. It’s not to be followed as a cop out to blend in. I know it can be daunting but for fuck sake you supposedly love and adore fashion fashion fashion fashion. So why haven’t these shaded lovers broken ranks and waved their rare branded scarf high?. No doubt the answer is that safety above all still sells. Why break the mold when the mold works?. I’ll tell you why because the mold is there to be broken! Fashion I repeat fashion is not safe. It’s not meant to keep you warm, it’s not meant to keep you covered. But then again you have to love the black sea, after all it’s cleansing. But will it dry up?