The Festival Crowd- Does Summer Really Have to End?

Southern California is a great place to be if you love a good music marathon.  This year, you didn't even have to wait for the summer to actually begin due to lack of rain.  Once the clouds cleared out, the park gatherings and outdoor events popped up in droves.  

This is a sliver of the cultural gatherings that pulled, plucked, and wailed on the heart strings of summer-heads this year.  

 Opposite twins.

Opposite twins.

Our journey through funland starts in the depths of the San Gabriel Valley at a quaint little Festival called South by South West Covina… 

 This dog performed at the festival, no joke.

This dog performed at the festival, no joke.

The name of this event pokes fun at corporate concerts, while using their popularity to promote events that try to bring a sense of community Eastward.  This was one of many events that were purposely held outdoors and away from venues that sometimes do more harm to artists than good.  The artistic spirit thrived beneath trees on eye-opening sunsets.



Now let's take it to the motherboard of emergent hip-cultural festivals in Los Angeles, Echo Park Rising.  

Pandemonium ensued in saturated streets and clogged-up, sweaty music venues.  Just to give an accurate sense of the magnitude of this event, let's throw some stats out there:


-over 250 musical performances

- food trucks

- mobile(ice cream truck) vinyl stores

- vintage clothing sales

- free drinks and drink specials at select locations

- near Echo Park Lake


Our last stop on the micro-to-macro voyage is an event that, despite it's humble beginnings, has reached epic proportions.

 Emi on the left, a Reflekt favorite at FYF with her friends.

Emi on the left, a Reflekt favorite at FYF with her friends.


At FYF, with style superstars like Grimes in the line-up, I still managed to stumble upon our very own honorary Reflekt Magazine interviewee while shooting my Best-Dressed List. She's on the list, duh.


Yes, there was excessive security to try and kill your vibe. However, there were also crafting areas where one could retreat into their imagination with the best live tunes you could get in LA proper.