Gifts for Abuelita- How to Make a Rosary for Grandma

Chain, jump rings, a center piece with 3 eyes(connecting multiple chains), and a crucifix with one eye(connecting crucifix with chain). 

Eyepins and 2 pliers(at least one with a built-in wire cutter- only 1 pictured here).


1.  Take a chain and cut it with the wire cutter on your pliers to make 14 small chains 3-5 links long.

The length of links should remain consistent, especially throughout the loop of the rosary.  I did 4 link pieces by cutting every 5th link of the chain. 

I found the cutting to be the hardest part so let's get it out of the way early and make sure to have enough chain to account for any possible mistakes. BUILD IT! 

2.  Now the center.  The center is built by first connecting jump rings at the three eyes.  Add a piece of chain to the rings and close the ring till flush.  This is the first part of the rosary you will build. EYEPIN IT! 

Next, the beads are "strung" individually when using eye pins.  That means you'll have to "string" 59 beads.

3.  Use one pair of pliers to grip the existing loop flat while you  drop a bead onto the loop.  Then create another loop by curling the pin up toward your face with the other pliers, to create a bead strung on an eyepin with the loops facing in different directions(pictorial example of a flat loop(o), Bead(B), and the loop made toward your face(-): o B - ).  This will be accomplished with simple wrist turns.  



Once you have 5 "strung" beads, you are ready to build the pendant strand, finishing it off with the crucifix.

4.  The pendant portion begins with the bottom jump ring and chain that you already attached to the center piece.  Take one "strung" bead and open up a loop enough to connect that bead to the bottom chain of the center piece, then close the loop again securely.  Open the dangling loop up now, and add a portion of chain.  Close it securely.  You now have a built piece as follows:  center, jump ring, chain, bead, chain.


5.  Connect 3 "strung" beads together, opening one loop on bead 1 enough to attach bead 2, then close the loop of bead 1 securely.  Open the dangling loop of bead 2 enough to attach bead 3 and close securely.  Open the dangling loop of bead 3 and attach a portion of chain.  Close loop securely.

6.  Open a loop on a single "strung" bead and attach it to the dangling chain and close loop securely. Open its dangling loop and attach another portion of chain.  Close loop securely.  




7.  Open a jump ring and attach it to the crucifix, then attach the open jump ring to the dangling chain and close the jump ring by making the two ends flush.  The image below is a picture of as much as we've done so far.



The remaining portion of the rosary is referred to as the loop since it can go around the neck.  It consists of 54 beads.  50 of those beads will be set into groups called decades.    


8.  Start a decade by connecting 10 "strung" beads to each other by opening a loop of bead 1 enough to attach bead 2, then close the loop on bead 1 securely.  Open the dangling loop of bead 2 enough to attach bead 3 and close securely.  Continue this process until you have 10 "strung" beads connected to each other.  


These groups of 10 are called decades.  You will create 5 groups of 10 bead-decades.  This leaves 4 single beads to go.  



11.  Open the dangling ends of the loop one at a time and complete the rosary by connecting them to the chains hanging from the top portion of the center piece.  One side is being attached in the picture below.