The Furrys

Everyday I learn about things I never thought existed. What really blew my mind was learning about people who love the porn of human like animals. Later, to find out there's a whole bigger side to just watching human like animal porn. There's actually a community of it.

We all have fetishes, not necessarily does it have to be an obsession with feet, or BDSM, or even looking at the MILF section on your favorite site, it can really vary. Having a fetish puts us in a community where it can make someone feel welcomed and a sense of belonging to know there are others who also like the same things as you do. For example, the BDSM community is huge, and has even inspired a middle aged woman to write 50 Shades of Grey, that gained so much popularity it became a movie. However, there's other fetishes that exist, such as: stigmatophile - a person who loves tattoos or piercings, or clinophile - someone who loves lying down and reclining. Not all fetishes are sexualized, and we all have them as a human being.  Having a sexual fetish or not,  it can spice up your life and open yourself to new experiences and new people. Fetishes are also a part of religion, but are described as worshipping objects because of certain magical powers such as shamans and totem poles - nothing sexually related. Animals have always been worshipped and deemed very spiritual among many different people in the world. Even during the BC days,  Egyptians would create images of human forms with features resembling a cat, starting the fetish which is increasingly gaining popularity called Furrys.  -

Growing up, cartoons were always a must to watch on Saturday morning, watching Bugs Bunny or Tom and Jerry always fighting, it was entertaining because for some reason children love animals, and this leads to a successful entertainment business not only in movies but at theme parks as well. While some children grow up wanting to be like Mulan or Aladdin, other children find a strong fascination with animals, growing a urge of developing a fetish of wanting to be one. When the child grows up, luckily for them, there's a community for that. Furries are anthropomorphized animal characters, basically animals with human qualities or characteristics. For example, a female furry character can have a body of a woman  with the perky two breasts, a hour glass figure, and human like arms and legs. Furrys dress up a majority of the time as mammals, in a mascot-esque type of clothing, usually bi-pedal (two legs). Although not as common, some dress up as reptiles and birds. While outsiders see this as a fetish, those who are part of the furry community see it as a place of belonging. There are a couple of conventions dedicated to meeting other Furrys and hanging out. People of all ages attend including children, and every year the convention grows. Regardless of how you view it, it incorporates their own sense of fashion that ranges from wearing animal ears to owning a fursuit, which is basically an animal costume.  These bad boys cover you from head to toe are made from different sorts of quality depending on your price range that range from the hundreds to the thousands, even more if you want it speciality designed the way you want it. The amount of work required on a full body suit is usually a couple hundred of hours, and is made with vegan products such as fake fur, or plush. The wearing of the fursuit varies from person to person with some wearing it only at conventions, sometimes during the week, or everyday. Wearing a fursuit, or even simply putting on a pair of animal ears gives a majority of furrys a true sense of identity making their actual human self feel like only just flesh on their skin and not who they really are. Yet while animals in the wild never wear clothes unless you're Paris Hilton who dresses up her dog, furrys incorporate their own sense of fashion usually on their fursuits. On top of their fursuits they usually wear normal human clothes. From punk attire to Renaissance, to sexy latex dresses, the furrys incorporate clothing just as they would dress their non-furry self.

What the furry community is notoriously known for the misconception of being a sex craze, animal fucking society. The side that 90% people see due to news and the fascination of seeing modern people dress up as an animal. Some simply enjoy the furry community and have no sexual desires of it while others enjoy reading furry erotica, using special code names for sexual words such as "splooge" which means sperm or watching Yiff. Yiff, which is furry porn, also brings in new people after spending time looking through and finding a fascination with it. This is the community that's usually seen, from having erotica fan drawing, to dildos that are shaped like a horses penis,  and butt plugs with artificial fur tails connected. While having their fetish for animals with human characteristics this does not mean that they have sex with their dog or find some sort of attraction to their pets. What arouses Furrys are the animalistic outfits that become a turn on during role play or their partners furrys characteristics. 

Others enjoy it because animals have sex very differently from people stating that when people have sex it's a lot of thinking, but when animals have sex they just do it. Expressing their own sexual urges gives a fun and safe environment for furries who spice up their sex life with this type of creativity and imagination. Sex is a natural desire, so it should be fun, and as long as it's consensual and safe, hopefully this community will one day not be mocked for being themselves.