NY Style Fashion Week with Dexter

Reflekt What was your general take of this year's Style Fashion Week NYC?

Dexter It was a check off my bucket list, for sure. I have always wanted to show in NYC. I met a lot of amazing stylists and a couple celebrities I have respect for. It's funny, you never meet the people you think you will and the unexpected happens. I won't name names, but certain pop stars are more fun and wild than one would imagine. There's really a surprise around every corner.

Reflekt How did it feel to have such a large-scale presentation for Gazelle and the Hunter?

Dexter It felt really good to see it on a large runway. There is magic in a large, well done runway. It really inspired me to get home and start sewing again. I also need to shoot this collection in some fun editorials ASAP.

Reflekt Who was on your team for the show?

Dexter My manager Christine Sanford, Cheyne Hauk, Spencer Kohn, Antonio de Lucci, and my friend and co-star Brik Allen joined in to help. Then there was the amazing team from Style Fashion Week working their asses off. I really could not have done it without Christine Sanford. Kristina Schroeder is a model I know from home and she was beyond helpful at my show. 

Reflekt Your runway percussionist was Kiran Gandhi, Feminist it-girl in the music world. How did this come about?

Dexter My manager procured that music meets fashion moment. Christine really understands art and artists. I'm lucky to have her. Kiran is a genius on the drums and she stands for a lot of things I believe in. Kiran is just really talented and it made my show feel more tangible and real. I look forward to working with her in the future. She is really easy going, but had a cool and strong style aesthetic. I really vibe with that and I get how she likes the light and I could have a lot of fun styling her. I try to balance between the light and the dark, so it's fun to let different artists pull me into their vibe.

Reflekt The makeup for the runway was very faithful to worlds you've begun in your editorials. Your use of natural materials as adornments reminded me of a couple of your editorials in particular. The looks made me feel as if I read the picture book, but then the movie was just as good as the book. What did it take to get things so exactly accurate?

Dexter I love making editorials come to life. It's always been a passion of mine. I went on a nature walk to find some materials. Others, I purchased at floral stores. You really have to have the right models to carry off the extreme looks. Model selection is a big part of pulling the editorials from the pages and making them walk down a real runway. I wanted a natural look. I wanted the eyebrows to look like they grew naturally, kind of like the growth on a log that had fallen down. This was also my time to play with color and make things a little lighter with world colors from mountain tribes and ceremonial rituals. I wanted to tap into the other side of what I love.


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