Neon at Heart of Art Gallery

Heart of Art Gallery hosts many eclectic events that are dedicated to highlighting underrepresented lifestyles.  While the venue itself is nothing short of magic with art in every corner, the greatness of its events and art are on par with the mission of this venue: to create an organically uninhibited space for women, youth, and the LGBTQIA community that fosters a sense of belonging in South Los Angeles. 

Reflekt Magazine was fortunate to be a part of an event at Heart of Art called Neon that is held in homage to the club kid scene.  Reflekt writer Sarah Hartmann served as the liaison between us and the gallery through her love of club kid culture and fashion, and to the staff's surprise, something truly beautiful happened that night. 


Event hosts Rubella Spreads and Valentine Anger welcomed us in their finest garb and charmed us with their wit and sartorial inventiveness.

The guests interacted with the art.

The art interacted with the guests.



The guests interacted with the guests.

…and for one evening we all became inundated in an indiscernible sea of the real and the performative, where our hearts melted into the dance floor and crusted into some communal mineral deposit. 

We felt free to be ourselves, but not limited to any character or attitude in particular.


After we washed away the judgments of the outside world with our sweat and enchanted laughter we took to the fancies of our imagination, with a drag show.

Our hosts kept us smiling, laughing, and honoring those who dared to spin a mythic web for us.


Some stories took place on this planet called Earth.

Other tales entered another realm.

One thing is certain, our eyes gleamed with hope beneath that disco ball between Barbie's plastic limbs.  The harder she straddled, the more we wished to crown the best-dressed with some free Reflekt magazines in that dreamy disco ball light.

We cheered everyone on with all our strength, and used our collective voice to select someone whose image craft was singular. 

We awarded a few people with our cheers, our magazines, and our respect for the alternate realities that were created that night. 

This unforgettable event was never to be lost, and we knew upon entering the Heart of Art.  This safe haven of South Los Angeles stays with us and does a great service to its community.  You must stop by and let it change you as well.

Heart of Art Gallery:

1907 Rodeo Road
Los Angeles, CA

-visit or donate to Heart of Art Gallery and the proceeds go to rescuing animals.