Naturally Dyed Fashion at SS17 LA Fashion Week

I was very impressed with Blond and Bieber's fashion presentation last Friday. It was an impressive kick-off, shoe kick-off that is. Indeed, the model came out in really tall open-toed clogs. They were then cast off into several specimens of their natural dyes. It was very cool and very eerie in a way. It set the mood for the clothes which seem to have the level of comfort that your loungewear would have.



The models carried themselves with mindful confidence in all directions on the runway. They even walked barefoot out of view of the audience at times. It wasn't exactly a break of the fourth-wall, but it did play with that performative convention.

The models were varied in look, but the fabric list was very short.  Though there was only a hint of sheer material, it was enough to show a very elegant partially sheer top with a semi-exposed nipple.

Blond and Bieber expressed two takes on design in the same item of clothing very well.  Part design trick and part fabric personality, some anatomy like the breast and collar were very present while legs took on many different silhouettes as they swam calmly in fabric. 

The muse of this collection was showcased so beautifully with a soft current of wind catching the bottom of her dress like water flowing round her as she propelled herself toward the viewer. This was where the purpose for the use of these thin fabrics came to light, and I was astonished to see the fabric reacting so naturally though we were at the very start of LA Fashion Week. The splattered ink and moving fabric made everything feel more chaotic, and less contrived, but seemingly not for shock value. We share their enthusiasm for natural tones, dyes, and fabrics, and certainly felt a good sense of ecological spirit throughout this presentation.