Music Video Premiere Featuring The Uhuruverse+Niko Suki+Dove A.

Here's the collaboration we've been raving about, BASIC A$$ FAKE WHITE BYTCH by music artists The Uhuruverse, Niko Suki, and Dove A. It's a multi-media masterpiece that serves us the Black Lives Matter message with our Starbucks coffee, which we can't help but spit out in laughter in its wake. Wipe off your screen and turn up the volume.


There's a lot of things to poke fun at when it comes to American culture, but one of our fatal flaws is the way that we idolize the stars, superimposing Reality TV over reality with acrobatic intensity. Think of this video as an interpretive dance on this topic. No one can bring the truth better than #SnatchPower sage The Uhuruverse, working it out in a pointy bra by L.O. Class Art.


You may not consider yourself to be "into" politics, but don't forget that fashion is a political statement too. Sometimes we love it, and sometimes we just rolls our eyes. Onelle Woods of Niko Suki rolls his eyes at Republican bigots in a faux fur number by Tiffany Maxwell.

Radical self-love is the perfect breeding ground for a cheeky punk rock rager. Part spoken word, part rap chant, BASIC A$$ FAKE WHITE BYCTH will have you calling bullshit on yourself mid twerk. 


Because racism and cultural appropriation are not first world problems, but it's kind of hard to see your Chihuahua, TV shows, and mocha lattes as a distraction from these topics until someone makes a joke about it. 


And it actually makes you laugh.


Artists: The Uhuruverse×Niko Suki ×Dovelie A.


Produced by: Onelle Woods

Editing by: Onelle & Sasha Gransjean


Art By: LadyLike Collective


Cinematography by: Sasha Gransjean