Martial Raysse Retrospective at The Pompidou Center

The Pompidou Center hosts radical works in its Parisian, 5 story modern art museum done-up in "high-tech" design.  The front of the cold-looking building is lined with an escalator that juts out from the side with only a piece of plexiglass between you and the incredible view.  From the fifth floor, the marvel of Paris is taken in with wonder.  It is with this wonderment that one enters the Pompidu, where you are mystified once again.  

In September 2014, the Pompidou showed an array of pieces from the Martial Raysse collection.  Raysse's list of materials put a spin on realism that tickles the brain with plastic fibers, pre-fab throwaways, and neon lights.  This out-of the-box approach was the new frontier of the art world then, and continues to echo in the cave of innovative art and style.  Raysee did not wish to ditch classical methods completely, but his sources of inspiration differed drastically from those artists before him.  He was making art in a time when the definition of art challenged the status quo again, thus changing it with his compositions.

Who is this man with a multi-media grasp on hot colors?  He is a well-loved artist from France who flocked to New York to join the Pop Art Scene in its heyday.   

He didn't always want to be a visual artist.  He thought he would pursue his passion for writing and language.  Still, his work which often dealt with the human form set all niches of the visual work aflame from fashion to commercial design.

His philosophy on the utility of art is as follows: “I’ve always thought that the purpose of art is to change lives. But the important thing today, it seems to me, is to change what surrounds us on all levels of human relationship. Some people think that life is copying. Others know it is inventing. You don’t quote Rimbaud, you live him."