LA Art Book Fair

Have you ever heard of a bookworm?  It's not some disease you get from reading paperback or a legg-less creature that dines on your leather-bound literature otherwise collecting dust on the shelf.  A bookworm is an intelligent and insightful person who is poorly portrayed in the media.  This term is thought to be synonymous with the word nerd, loser, or introvert.  Here is an event to recycle the word's connotation: The LA Art Book Fair.  


Los Angeles is a city with a high concentration of creative thinkers, but where do they get their whimsical and unruly ideas from?  For this squirm of readers in the heart of Little Tokyo, the answer would be media.   


While it seems out-dated to buy physical things, print media is a rare physical object that connects us with imaginary worlds.  This doesn't mean that people here have a skewed loyalty to all things old.  In fact, the event would not be what it is without its non-physical, social media aid.  Above, a distinguished gentleman takes a break from his reading with some good old-fashioned net surfing. 

At an event of this magnitude, people still take a moment to stop and feel the paper.  You might also catch others smelling it, though that is more of a habit since most of the media is new.  What do you picture when you think of the word bookworm? 

Do you think of an enormous mass of Harajuku girls sent to the gathering to shoot arrows through our little hearts?

Do you think of fresh Latino guys catching up, dressed in patterned clothing?

The facts are that LA Art Book Fair attendees love to communicate, party, and read.  

Get over your reading prejudice and scope out the ever-growing body of small publications exhibited annually that excite bookworms from all walks of life.

Way Wza captivated us with FIST's quality books inspired by Dante Carlos, a famous graphic designer.  FIST is one of many vendors whose work embodies empowerment through the value of a unique story. 



After the use of #blacklivesmatter in promotions of the LA Art Book Fair, it was brought to the attention of the organizers to include a table for Black Lives Matter at this years fair.  They took this opportunity as a chance to give out free pamphlets describing their mission statement as a collective for the betterment of all black lives.  This was a very poignant statement for all parties involved, honoring the relevance of a movement that furthers social justice for the marginalized.  Their cause is the living art that fueled so much of the content created at the fair this year and we salute the humanitarian efforts behind this activist group.


The Center for Sex and Culture came down from San Francisco with their zines and other erotica to sing the praises of sex education while promoting sex positive views.  


It's a real treat to see so many people come out of the woodwork for a moment of exchange in the name of print media, a special kind of art that keeps on living its own existence worlds away from its author.

Like a hot meal, books are better when shared with friends.  Though avid readers have been known to burrow away into solitary nooks, that is but one way to take in the majesty of writing.  

The central location of this years LA Art Book Fair facilitated the green transport and sale of titles mostly hailing from California and New York.


Little Tokyo is notorious for it's pedestrianism thanks to the ambience of the area, making it a short bike ride away for so many Angelinos. Including it's Thursday night preview, the exhibitions were viewed by over 34,000 people who are not aptly described by the word bookworm.  Maybe one day that word will connote lifelong learner, community builder, activist, and visionary with a passion for summoning and discussing the opinions of written history.  That sounds a bit more accurate. 

LA Art Book Fair 2015

The Gefen Contemporary Museum at MOCA

152 North Central Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 626-6222