Introducing the Phussy Crew

Phussy are exceptional connoisseurs of rare vintage threads, hand-made pieces, and artistic styling. You can't feel "branded" by this brand unlike the other heavy-hitting lines out there.  Phussy is reaching out to your unique and singular self to remind you that one size does not fit all.  They will not imprint your skin with their agenda.  They will help you find a soul connection with your inner-most artistic visions.  How do they accomplish such heights?  First they chant:


Then they take you on a trip into the past with their outstanding vintage armoire.  You'll find a treasury of alternate histories told through their selection.  Tales of villages, tales, of empires, tales of experimentation, tales of revolution, and tales of empowerment all waiting to be told on the social stage. 

Lastly, they nurture this very important supernatural element:


The creation of in-house handmade items.  Don't expect Phussy to just sell you a thing.  The true nature of their operation lies in the name.  For those who really see art in their personal style, the word fussy is an understatement in regard to the amount of care and attention paid to this aspect of life.  Their crew is comprised of real people like us.  They create, they give, and take time and consider their profession to be their art.

Phussy UK ships worldwide:

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