Rickyy Wong at LA Fashion Week 2016

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One of the stand-out fashion presentations of Los Angeles Fashion Week at the Hollywood Athletic Club was Rickyy Wong's newest line. He sites the films of Matthew Barney as inspiration for some of his previous works, but this one was thought to focus on fashion that is based in traditionally Asian garment designs. 


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I really commend his designs because it challenged most men's clothing on the market with its unisex cuts and attention to detail. This clothing may seem like it might only work for a special occasion, but the use of outdoor jika-tabi footwear leads me to believe that the designer's intention is quite the opposite. 

Another nod at the hopes of these designs taking a stronghold of the street style world was the fact that the onlookers at the fashion presentation were allowed to walk on the runway to view the models. That closer interaction really changes the performance in many ways, making it less likely for the clothes to be seen as costumes. It also encourages people to make their own news and present these designs to their own personal audience. Unwittingly, we all became a part of the main event. 

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It's no secret that the fashion of the West takes a front seat in global fashion. I am interested and delighted at the idea of a change in that narrative.

Blending tastes doesn't have to mean forgetting about the past. Fashion has a flexibility in a way that few arts have. It's always reviving and updating designs very easily making it the prime vehicle for cultural meaning and self-expression. I hope to see more media coverage on Rickyy Wong in the near future as well as greater access to his designs.