Reflekt Muse: Franz Szony

Elegant, poised, and infinitely inspiring. Franz welcomes us into his Swarovski encrusted world and regales us with tales from his Reno childhood running around the casino hotel his father managed to his peculiar photography process of combining old and new school techniques. Enthrall yourself into the glitz and glamour that is so apparent in his amazing photography work and gorgeous personal style.  

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What's your life story.

I was born in Reno NV in 1986.  My father is in the Casino business so we traveled quite a lot when I was young, but at 7 years we ended up back in Reno, where I grew-up through high school.  I moved to San Francisco upon graduating and enrolled at the Academy of Art University where studied illustration and film photography.  After school I returned to Reno where I began creating work and exhibiting my photographs, and only three years ago had my first exhibit at the Sierra Arts Gallery.  Since, I have exhibited at the Project One Gallery in San Francisco, The poptART Gallery in Los Angeles, and the Archangel Gallery in Palm Springs.  I moved to Los Angeles this year in June and am very happy to be here.  My wonderful mom has always supported my vision as an artist, and being in LA has offered me a whole new group of like-minded artistic people.  

Early style influences?

I'm inspired by the style of Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame, Hugh Hefner, and a sprinkle of Eleanor Audley.  

How did your style develop? 

I think my style really began to develop a few years ago when I shaved my head.  Before that I had long hair that I permed and colored.  I wanted the "Ricky Ricardo" jerry curl.  When I shaved it off, it cleared a few blockages… and I loved it so much I've just kept it that way.  

Personal styling trick?

My personal style is a 60/40 of dualities I like to think.  I like to dress "femininely masculine."  To mix a long kilt with a tuxedo jacket, or a silky blouse with a patent Dr. Martens boots.  And I like to think that any day look can be immediately made into an evening look with a swipe of black lipstick and a piece of jewelry.  

Do you feel your personal style reflects who you are?

I think style is ever-evolving.  I think its an incredible gift that we are given, these amazing 3d bodies to express ourselves with.  No one should walk around as a blank canvas all their lives.  For who I am at this point in my life, I think my style reflects that very nicely.  I always feel happy and beautiful in the clothing I wear, thats the only vital thing with fashion.  

What are your hobbies?

Im lucky in the sense that I have been able to incorporate many of my hobbies into my creative/work process.  But I do love to crystalize things.  I feel like Swarovski"ing" is the new knitting.  

Current projects?

Im currently working on a series of concept sketches for a client (which myst remain a secret for now) and I am storyboarding a film that will accompany a new piece of art I have scheduled to start in December. 

 Franz in his photo studio and next to his photography work

Franz in his photo studio and next to his photography work

What do you want to do in the future?

In the future I would like to continue producing work that can inspire people to think outside the box.  I would like to translate my work to film.  Id like to travel more parts of the world.  Im not sure what the big future holds, but I can definitely tell you those are my goals for the future of the next year.  Id also like to fall in love, that would be nice too.

Last words?

Always believe in the power of karma.  Understand that you are not the owner of your talents, only the manager.  Remember that people only know to believe what you project.  And at the end of the day, dance under the moonlight while thanking the Universe for all it gives. 

Follow Franz's work on his website and his life here: @franzszony