Visual dichotomy of the San Francisco style scene at EBABZ

We were so happy to be invited to join the East Bay Alternative Book & Zine Fair or EBABZ for short in Berkley California. Its always fascinating to see the different style scenes and fashion cultures happening in other places. The anthropology of fashion has so many distinct nuances, that styles of clothes can differ greatly from city to city. That was definitely proven when this Los Angeles based publication saw what the North Cali creatives were doing up there!

Like any fashion culture or style tribe, there are vast differences and subgroups running around. So we dwindled it down to the most prominent ideas ( I don't want to say trends as 1. that's cheesy and 2. it's not really trends-more sartorial markers) that we noticed in the San Francisco/Berkeley area.


*Also a note, when we say San Francisco we are also referring to Berkley and other cities as well. We don't know the SF area too well so we're gonna make it simple for us and just say SF. My bad.*


1. Granny to Dandy

The citizens of SF are really into theatrical clothes. SF-ers are really into amazing period clothes from dandy to house on the prairie.

2. Subtle Eccentricity

From afar they may be bundled up in shades of cement gray and muted nature colors, but up close all their weirdness is in the details. Wearing sculpted wire on their pockets, tongue-in-cheek political pins, to vintage granny dog collars. They are masters at making you do a double take slowly.

3. Backpatches

They REALLY love backpatches. Almost everyone I saw had one. These were our faves. 

4. Retro Intelligentsia & City gypsy glam

SF is known not only for being one of the richest places to live in America, it also boasts to hold a large brainy population too. You won't be overhearing conversations about which celeb they saw or what color to dye their hair next. Being the birthplace of Beatniks, hosting some famous politcal protests and the well known collegiate status of Berkley Uni-its no wonder what surges through their lips are an array of topics stemming from politics, obscure music and films, and d.i.y ingenuity. 

Oh yea, also from being a clever bunch they're also super hippie and love the alternative lifestyles. Freeganism, squatting, punk living, Blitz Kid d.i.y glamour. they loves it all.

Thank you to EBABZ for hosting and showing us your sartorial flavor and all the amazing talents we met and eyeballed. Can't wait for the next one!