Shop Spotlight: HIHOUSE

Women from the would-be-future now have an online store to revamp their whole wardrobe.  HIHOUSE is a site for modern elegance where fashionistas can get the dress or skirt that will stick in your head like a krautrock melody.  These pieces stand on their own, and their solid or contrast renditions annul the need for an arsenal of accessories and make-up. 

The cohesive HIHOUSE collection may seem like it’s the brain-child of one evil genius, but these works are from varying designers as chosen by Cecilia Peruti for her HIHOUSE collection.   At the HIHOUSE launch party in March, she admits spending hours looking for a perfect addition to her growing online store.   We discussed her aspirations for these ensembles surrounded by delicate tops and reworked bottoms.  She reports complete and utter love for her activity in the arts, and is fully immersed in both fashion and music.  You may know Cecilia as the front woman of Gothic Tropic.  With talent and style as her guide, the joyous birth of her online store is finally here.  This clothing line is her liberation statement, her denunciation of the dollar-chasing slavery that plagues any serious artist in Los Angeles.  Her faith in these chic swathes of color has lead her to curate them, in hopes to start her own in-house line, that will feel right-at-home with her present merchandise.  The site showcases items that subtly whisper fashion icon Chalayan’s name, and bring strength and stamina to black clothing.    

 Cecilia Peruti, owner of HIHOUSE and front woman of band Gothic Tropic

Cecilia Peruti, owner of HIHOUSE and front woman of band Gothic Tropic

Take the beautiful Habit Top in rich black.   Its mock neck habit is sexy and modest, reminding us how the same prim lady can be found in the alluring Occult Dress.  While current styles tend to be overdone, caricatures of fashion sense, Cecilia has another vision in mind for HIHOUSE:   

The person HIHOUSE is representing is one who’s dressing to expose the identity of a piece rather than diluting the look, which is almost the antithesis of American street fashion.

You cannot miss these items in the sea of superfluous accessories and make-up.  Bless your skin with these time-machine-gems that bring a little mystery to the night and flavor into the workplace.  The crystal ball of style indicates exciting collaborations with Troy V. Hooker, the consignment of even more local artists, and a men’s line.  Follow HIHOUSE on Facebook to find out where you can see the collection en vivo.