LAFW: Dexter Simmons

Style Fashion Week is another venue we attended most of the week. On top of a parking garage at L.A Live near Staples center. I went by myself this time but ran into old friends (on and off the runway!) and made a couple of new pals. 


Newcomer but definitely not a stranger to the fashion game, Dexter Simmons is the designer for Dextrose and is featured in Rihanna's fashion reality show game Styled to Rock. His collection was definitely one of the top favourites this week, as he was one of the only people to make his show stand out. His macabre models did not switch their hips like the catwalk standard, but swaggered in a zombie like fashion with Freddy Krueger/Edward Scissorhands claws. An amazing talent and collection I'm dying to get my claws on!