Street Snaps: LA Fashion Week 2013


Just like the city itself Los Angeles Fashion Week (or LAFW for short) is filled with an eccentric high-low mix of red carpet glitz and downtown street fashions. 

Style Fashion Week

Kinda weird but cool seeing business men idly standing next to a bunch of overly blinged out ladies. But there are a few stylish gems walking around here. Style Fashion Week is another venue we attended most of the week. On top of a parking garage at L.A Live near the Staples center, Style Fashion Week showcases a range of designers from lingerie (including men's lingerie), swimwear, to evening wear. But the real reason we go to this venue is for the stylish attendees. 


French Lab

So from what I surmised FRENCHLAB is an agency where they bring over amazing French designers (indie brands mostly) to the LA buyers and retail scene and vice versa with American brands to le French market. I loved it. Vive le France! Below on the left a gorgeous model showing off one of the French designers and the right is Tymber Santos, Reflekt model and contributor who we bumped into that night!



I was so bummed that night as my big ole' camera went on the fritz from being overworked during LAFW. Of all nights to shut down on me had to be this night. So please excuse my blurry iphone pics. They definitely do not do justice to how amazing everyone's outfits and designer's clothes really were. Last stop of the night was at the Dripped fashion festival in Chinatown. Hosted by Ggeisha productions, Dripped lands right in the middle of LAFW and injects a huge dose of electric, multi-patterned, and raw street fashion that you just can't get from the runway.