What's a Style tribe? What you need to know

Hidden in plain sight from mainstream eyes, they have curated a special world that only a select few may be courageous to enter. Many people have asked us what a style tribe is. We talk about it. A lot. Like a lot, a lot. First off, no its not an urban tribal thing like feathers and jeans. Secondly a style tribe is a group of people who dress similarly and who ideally share the same lifestyle, beliefs, and in some cases language or slang. So in other words it's a subculture but more clothes-minded. So Punks would be a style tribe, Skinheads, Kawaii Goth, venice beach surf Cholos, and anything else you can think of. What makes them different from a fashion trend is that these people will still be dressed like this after the hype is over. There will be old granny Lolitas still donning their petticoats, and wrinkly Punks still sporting their studded leather jackets.


 Before Reflekt was even born, I have always been fascinated by the idea of style tribes. Being a huge Japanese fashion nerd, I devoured reading everything about every style tribe that surfaced in Tokyo from the very popular (like Lolitas) to utterly obscure (Swamp Girl). How is it that people can enter a group or even assimilate into a fashion based subculture? Devoid of religion, or society they have created their own world and their own society.


What all style tribes or fashion subcultures have in common is that they go against the grain of societal conventions. Either it be derived from political reasons to just visual disturbance on the street. They wanted to live in a way that was not seen as normal and eventually found others who wanted that same lifestyle. 

Depending on which region, country, or culture you want to look into, the possibilities are endless to what style tribes you want to explore. To learn more about different style tribes you can do your own research through google, look into street fashion from different countries, watch documentaries on particular style tribes (which we have provided here), or check out websites and read books on a certain style tribe (also provided here).

Have fun discovering the wonderfully weird worlds that lurk on the urban streets. You may even find your own style tribe!