Ted Polhemus and his book: Streetstyle. Why you gotta read this

I don't know about anyone else, but I love street style, it's real, it's creative, and it's original. One KING of it all is, Ted Polhemus, street style photographer, and overall fashionable bad ass. His work shows people that not every one dresses in jeans and a tee shirt! It has diversity, spunk, grittiness, and overall a colorful spectrum of fashion or anti-fashionable people.

I'm the type of person to pay attention to what people wear, I don't judge. Simply observe, that's the first thing I'll see, or comment on. From every style you can imagine to something made up, or a combination of personal likings ether way, IT WORKS.

I first found his book in my school library. Crusty, ripped and dirty I picked the book up and fell in love. It was my head on paper, produced by someone else. There are many other ways to view street style and other cultural styles but his books are personal. You can always observe the streets you walk, but there's not always this kind of variety.

I'm happy to say there are a bunch of street style blogs and websites you can view, ranging from Tokyo street style all the way to your town.

For more info on Ted, he does have a website..


And for more street snaps of his and other great photographers are found here...


(LOVE these people, the pictures are lovely)

ALSO my personal favorite street style site/blogs are..