Glam rock is my medication: The 70's splendor of the movie Velvet Goldmine

A colorful representation of David Bowie, with a slight twist, and mass amounts of sparkly eye shadow. My love for Bowie is strong, and this movie satisfies some of the imagery I've dreamt about. I tell this tale, for the fashion, the story, and theater that follows. 


The dream like state this movie puts you in, colliding with the fashion of the 70's and 80's...what a glamorous trance.  

Platform shoes

Leopard coats

Furry scarves

Androgyny oozing from every corner.

The plot was delightful, my pure bliss was the clothing, and the music, the growth of this Bowie-esque man, Brian Slade. Childhood to almost "death". His surroundings and mascara crumbling before him.

Oh did I mention Christian Bale is in this, and looks GREAT.


Sadly I have not been able to see Bowie perform live, that was much before my birth on this earth, but that's why there is the internet. This movie is loosely based off of him, none of this happened, it's a spin off, Bowie is the roots of this tree.

To end this gaudy tale, the beautiful well crafted song, Velvet Goldmine is a euphoria.