Basquiat: showcasing Jean Michele Basquiat work, relationship with Warhol, and the 80's New York fashion scene

There was a time where if you were any skin color but white and an artist, it was a strange sight, and to be able to fit the agenda of a contemporary artist and not just do graffiti was unheard of. 

Jean Michel Basquiat

I have finally come around to watch this beautiful movie about Jean, his life, art, and relationship with Andy Warhol. Shoving his artwork in to Warhol's eyes to penny a few pieces of his ingenious talent. Sleeping in a box, but the box is now the art. Cashing in the meaning of art, for the snotty art critics who use to mock him. Eating from his hands, the paint will still make a mark.

Loving the magnificent story of Jean and partly Andy, the cinematography, and clothing work well with the eyes. Never focusing on the apparel of the extras and more on the art and depth imbedded in it, I got a few glances of fashion. 

My real enjoyment of this movie was the relationship with Jean and Andy, OH, and I would love to point out only the best part Andy is played by...DAVID BOWIE.

 He captured Andy quite well, and I adore David for playing this role. 

He captured Andy quite well, and I adore David for playing this role. 

The movie was made in 1996, Yes it is on Netflix, and as usual streamable. One last thing, I love how the movie zooms in on racial diversity, other then white people having jobs, and being respected in your profession. 

I was a really lousy artist as a kid. Too abstract expressionist; or I’d draw a big ram’s head, really messy. I’d never win painting contests. I remember losing to a guy who did a perfect Spiderman.
— Jean-Michel Basquiat

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