WATCH: Karl Lagerfeld sketches his life

M2M is basically a netflix for fashion. They have great fashion films such as Bill Cunningham's sweet and fun documentary, designer interviews, and runway footage of the latest seasons. It's a fashionphile's binge watching haven- plus it's free!

One of the films that I became quite charmed by was Karl Lagerfeld sketches his life. I must confess I'm not the biggest fan of his designs or even his sketches but I love learning about his life through the various documentaries and interviews about him. The way he describes his life: his renaissance-like curiosity, the way he decorates his house in excess, and his signature style I found so entertaining. A larger than life character that seems more belonging in Ludwig Bemelmanns novel than actually walking amongst us mere mortals.

Unlike other docs about the fashion kaiser, that are more straightforward documentarian style, this was funny, colorful and nonchalant. Amidst a large room filled to the brim of books a camera stares at Karl sitting at a messy drawing desk. Strewn with colorful markers, pastels, a glass of vino and a sketch pad. The narrator asks Karl to draw various moments of his life starting from his childhood home in the German country side to a caricature of Mr. Balmain.

Here's a teaser for you:

What I find so utterly delightful about this is how while he draws these glimpses of his past he paints us a picture not only with his markers but his words. His acute memory is quite astonishing recalling every detail ever so eloquently.

This is a must see for anyone who loves Karl Lagerfeld or fashion, Watch the film here. So don your favourite rings, pour yourself a glass of wine and draw along with Karl in this bewitching tale through pictures. - See more at: