Reflekt Muse: Jezmine Blossom

Imagine Zooey Deschanel's style translated to Hijab fashion and you get Jezmine Blossom's personal style! Girly and quirky, Jezmine has been a popular figure in the fashion scene in Malayasia for Hijab and non Hijab sartorialists.  A designer, boutique owner, and stylist for a number of Malaysian magazines, read her style story to see how she got to influence Hijabis everywhere! Check out the rest of Jezmine's style story and photos in Reflekt Issue º9 ALTER EGO out now. 

What's your life story

I'm from Kuching , Sarawak (Borneo island) Malaysia. Growing up I was mostly moving around, and spent much of my childhood in Glasgow, Scotland & Exeter, England. I'm a Muslim, and now residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 30 years old, recently married to my boyfriend of 11 years.


What do you do for a living? 

I'm a multi-tasker, I'm a designer for my brand 'The Old Blossom Box Store', I own a boutique, I freelance in styling for magazines & other clients, and I also blog.

Other than being a fashion designer, stylist and blogger, what do you like to do on your down time?

On my downtime, I love eating & finding new places to eat. I love fabric sourcing & thrifting too. But if I'm at home, i love to watch Family Guy, The Simpsons, reruns of Futurama & Friends. I'm also highly addicted to 9gag now.


How did your personal style develop?

I guess as I grew up it changes, I'm more aware of how to cover myself properly now as a Muslim (although there is much more to improve), but my style also varies according to my mood, and what I like currently. Street style blogs inspired me alot growing up. And I think my style has a lot of colours & prints.


Are there any movies, music, people that inspired your style?

They inspire me in a lot of ways, not just dressing, but I have always loved Gwen Stefani since the early days, Clueless, tv show Blossom, Mira Duma the Russian fashion icon, Zooey Deschanel & blogger Susie Bubble.

If you could wear one outfit for an entire week what would it be?

It would be my maxi shawl & denim jacket

For your clothing line Old Blossom Box, was being a modest fashion designer your top priority or being a fashion designer in general your focus?

At first it wasn't, it was more universal. But the trends in Malaysia changed every drastically, and now there is more demand for modest clothing. So I've designed pieces that are much for suitable for modest girls out there.

What inspires your designs?

Pastels, whimsical stuffs, unicorns & scallops

Because your style is mostly feminine, retro and quirky, have you ever had trouble of people taking you seriously as a business woman?

Yes, someone 'older' or not knowing what The Old Blossom Box is, would come in the boutique, and they would always say to my staff "are these clothing for kids (children wear)", haha...I guess because of the colours & tutu skirts they would think that way.

I know that you recently got married! Does your husband have a say in what you wear? Do you care if he doesn't like something you're wearing?

He's been supportive of my style since 2003 (the year we met), and he has seen me change through so many styles, and so far has not bat an eyelid. I'm really lucky because he understands (back in the day even when I loved to wear big chunky necklaces...haha)

How do you think people react to how you dress?

Earlier days, when people weren't so open on a 'hijab' girl wearing fun clothes, they would stare. But now not so much since fashion has boomed a lot in Malaysia. So, now I would 'stare' at younger girls.

What are your last words or advice to modest dressers, aspiring fashion bloggers/ designers?

Be yourself, don't imitate others. Because being you makes it more special.

Follow her colorful life @jezmineblossom, and her latest brand @yayshopkl