Ah, September. The time of pumpkin spice, and only a month away from the wonderful holiday where we call, Halloween. Not only is halloween the day we get creative with fashion, theres another holiday for that, and that is the New York Fashion Week. This time around, its a tad bit different. NYFW is become more diverse this time around. Introducing new fashion artists, and taking things on a whole different level. Although it has only been day 1, there are so many things coming up, such as #wangsquad, and a carnival?! Here are some interesting fashion shows that are taking place this week.

Rapper turned fashionista - Kanye West kicked off the week with a performance that was very unusual visual two hour performance out in a park in New York with models wearing nude simple clothing. Kanye West's outfits resembled a lot of his previous season outfits  USA Today even reported that models were passing out, and one even took off her heels. Unfortunately, his fashion show was only available to viewers with tidal, which is a monthly subscription fee music app.

Although Kanye gave NYFW a unusual kick-off, Tommy Hilfiger is making a fashion show carnival. I repeat, a fashion show carnival! This carnival will have everything a usual carnival has, such as a ferris wheel, carnival food, and FASHION. Gigi Hadid will be part of the Carnival due to her collaboration with Hilfiger in her Gigi x Hilfiger collection, and it will be the showcase for his NYFW. The collection is suppose to be 'a new take on nautical with a playful, romantic edge' and mixing west coast fashion with Hilfiger's east coast look. Over 2,000 guests will attend from Hilfiger club members, through contestants that won via radio.  - See more at: http://www.reflektmag.com/2016/09/nyfw-fall-16-start.html#sthash.MODGWbHU.dpuf

ALSO, Tom Ford.