Royalty, revolution and Tehrangeles: History of Persian style

In L.A there is a big Persian community. I get a big kick out of them as they have an almost genetic calling for all things luxury, opulence and glamour, yet always with a discount after 10-15 minutes of haggling.

I went to the V&A museum and noticed beautiful Iranian art and clothes worn by the royal courts of the Qajar family who ruled Iran until the 1925 (our Muse Homeira G, a descendant, sprang to mind). From Persian royals all the way to the Beverly Hills Persian princesses we will go through their fashion journey.


Qajar Royal fashion  from 1785 to 1925

The Qajar Dynasty ruled Persia from 1785 to 1925


Before 1979, pre-revolution

Western aesthetics were common to see among Iran hipsters in the sixties and seventies. Persian women donned massive beehives, colorful minis, and heavy winged eyeliner.


After 1979 post revolution to today.

In the U.S and U.K Persian women (for the most part) dress in trendy western clothes. In the LA Persian community known as Tehrangeles, flashy and glitzy garb is favoured. In Iran, dress codes are still enforced but have loosened slightly for the past years. Head scarves are still mandatory but now combined with trendy but modest styles. The street style blog Tehran Times show first hand how the women are dressing and how they still express themselves despite the sartorial code.