Issue º13 FAMILY: Letter from the Editor

Doing a family issue was important to me because I wanted to discuss how family can be indispensable to your well-being and sense of self. Generally, we all think family in the Norman Rockwellian sense-a mom, dad, maybe an annoying brother or sister and some grandparents thrown in there. But the word family means so much more than awkward reunions and sharing dna. Family is the invisible thread that connects us to one another and remains stitched together for a lifetime, be it by blood or not.

In this issue we explore all facets of family life from sibling rivalries over clothes, vogue houses, gang fashion, chosen families, to cults. Being part of a clan, tribe, pack, squad, fam, whatever you want to call it, it’s integral to your self-identity. They fill you with support, emotional security, friendship, love, and not to mention a limitless amount of style inspiration and clothes swapping!


Clothes create an instantaneous signifier telling the world not only your self-identity, but how you identify with others. Showing the intrinsic dynamic of familial bonding, clothing, and fashion is the easiest ice breaker when creating relationships, strengthening bonds, and visually announcing to the world "I’m with them."


Your family will always be there for you. No matter what. That feeling of belonging and knowing you have a support system is comforting. Family is love, whatever your definition of family is, I consider the talented people who create this magazine (either in front of the camera or behind a computer screen), as well as all the amazing and beautiful readers my support system. They're my tribe, my squad, my eyesore family. This issue is for you.