Bezgraniz Couture: Rebranding the Disabled Person's Image.


The name may sound super swanky and glitzy but Bezgraniz Couture pulls more at the heart strings than the purse strings. From Moscow with love, Bezgraniz Couture aims to provide beautiful bespoke pieces for non-traditional body types. Catering to people with disabilities these clothes are constructed to adapt with each person and rebrand the disabled person image.

I was completely and utterly excited to cover their collection at LAFW. I love their message and as a firm believer in the power of clothes, I loved that they wanted to bring confidence to people who society may see as invisible citizens. Diverse models from amputees with artfully sculpted legs, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, to models in wheelchairs filled the runway. 


The clothes themselves had a modern and minimalist aesthetic with clever zippers and tailored to fit each individual’s body forms and needs. The research and development that went into each piece with the wearer in mind showed the brilliance of their design team. Creating new types of silhouettes and construction to cater to the functionality of wheel chairs to the people with down syndrome highlighted that design can be used beyond creating fleeting trends. It was smart and beautiful and best of all fun!

I couldn’t stop smiling from start to finish. The clothes looked great. Wonderfully tailored to each person and functioning with their bodies and disabilities. It highlighted their confidence and everyone was smiling from the models walking or rolling on the runway to the attendees. The show was fun with each model putting their own flavor to their walk from popping wheelies, a cute little dance, or a thumbs up with their prosthetic hand. It ended with models and attendees dancing on the runway.

What I really loved is that everyone looked so great and stylish and you can see the confidence glowing from within the models. Seeing that confidence that mere clothes can provide reminds me of how important clothing can be to your self esteem and bring people of all walks of life together. The collection boasted that inclusion and style can go hand and hand and fashion is for everyone.