The colorful fashion of Iran's most ancient village

Deep in Iran at the foot of Karkas Mountain lies a small village of less than 300 people. Known as the Red Village or Abyaneh. Tourists, historians, and Iranian natives flock to this village to be brought back to the physical and visual history of Ancient Persia. Time is frozen in this town. Everything from the red clay tiered houses, the culture and customs, the language (Parthian Pahlavi an ancient Iranian language), and most notably the women’s traditional garb have not been touched by modern times.

I love the clothes that the Abyunaki women and men wear. Its citizens mostly of old age emote a quiet bold chicness that are one of the reasons visitors are drawn to Abyaneh. The men allow the women of the village to shine as they opt to wear dark grey, or black blazers, black trousers and plain white button down shirts. Wrinkled and worn in makes them have an effortless elegance amongst the red clay.

The woman are one of shining spectacles of the Abyaneh representing their culture and history through their clothes. Bold and bright contrasting prints against stark black pleated pants creates a wonderful silhouette reminiscent of Comme Des Garçon. Maybe that where Rei Kawakubo got the idea? The Abyunaki woman can be seen wearing floral, checkered or boldly graphic headscarves, under the knee skirts, and pleated pants.

Despite being such a small village they have been adamant in keeping the old ways despite pressures form the government, and all the better for it as everyone the world over come to Abyaneh to witness and experience an ancient civilization of the Persian Empire.