Downtown LA Flocks to Sav Noir Rooftop Runway Show

After a week or so of being surrounded by glitzy red carpet cocktail dresses, Kardashian wannabes, and boring business suits, it was a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively) being on top of that roof top overlooking the DTLA skyline amongst the city’s truly most fashionable and stylish.

The attendees to the Sav Noir show were a spectacle of themselves. Each having a unique style from glam rock star to millennial avant casual looks. As it was a Sav Noir show everyone paid homage to the designer in studded, painted, or deconstructed leather clad looks. We were all the props that added to the Sav Noir atmosphere as well as being the spectators of his cool underworld.

This show rejuvenated my love not for fashion perse but for street fashion. The attendees showed off their own distinct aesthetic that was effortless and intentional all at once and just plain….cool-as cliche as that sounds. It was inspiring and revived the excitement I used to get off from observing candid stylish strangers before “STREET FASHION” was taken over by the internet and watered down. Everyone fed off each other energies and I’m sure made notes of good outfit ideas for future reference. 

All in all a great show, great turn out, and definitely made some mental notes of how to wear a leather jacket.

  Quin , musician Quin Quin

Quin, musician Quin Quin

  Landra Dulin , talent manager at LAFW

Landra Dulin, talent manager at LAFW

  Maka Buadze , founder of Natty Walk

Maka Buadze, founder of Natty Walk

  Sarah Temperelli , founder of Maneater_ &  Andre Emery , designer of Andre Emery

Sarah Temperelli, founder of Maneater_ & Andre Emery, designer of Andre Emery