To be Green, or not to be green? That is the question.

Now, I'm not actually, questioning whether I should dye myself green (though that would definitely get some interesting stares). I'm talking about how to be more sustainable and express my individuality with fashion at the same time. There is a negative stigma on 'Eco-fashion' and how it's geared more towards 'hippies' than the public and that it won't be as 'fashionable' or won't be as 'creative' and would be dull and brown.

There are many people and designers that create these alternative clothing and can still create some eye-catching outfits like the ones in the 'Fashion Takes Action Runway show' back in Summer ofJune Toronto, Canada. Designers use alternative materials to create their clothing piece rather than what most bigger name designers and brands use now like cotton, a high in demand product that useslarge amounts of multiple resource for mass production.

The photo above is one of the many pieces featured in the Toronto fashion show designed by Juli Yeh. It's a part of her "Trashformation" where she takes commonly tossed materials like bottles, caps, plastic bags and turn them into some pretty unique wearable art. This particular one above is made from inner tubing of a bicycle.

See more of her Trashformation work on her website in the link below!