Metrosexual, Spornosexual, What's Next?

If you typed in google images 'fashion'  you'll notice that the first rows of images are mostly women in very stylish and crazy expensive big designer clothing. Obviously women, dominate the fashion world so what about men's fashion?

At one point in time, men who spent a lot of time with what they wear and grooming were considered metrosexual, a term coined by a British journalist, Mark Simpson, in an article published in the Independent (national newspaper in the UK). You would see these well groomed and kept together men solely involved in the fashion industry during the mid to late 80s and then as the marketing for cosmetics shifted and geared more products that made men more involved and conscientious about their appearance more in the 90's, thus the term metrosexual being born. Often times, it would be confused to describe  men who identify as gay but, this term does not specify what sexual orientation these men are but, just identifying as being a male who takes care of himself and shops at various stores and keeping up with trends that looks good on their body and widen the stereotype of masculinity and fusing in more "femininity". Sounds pretty normal now right? 

Now a new term (coined by the same person) appeared in 2014 that really trended and spread like wildfire. Spornosexual, meaning men are now attempting to achieve this body image of a sports figure and a porn male actor's body. Reflecting back to past conversation I've had with male friends, they all have suddenly gotten more concerned in their physical appearance, hitting the gym, in resort to achieve certain kind of reaction from their male (or public's ) response on multiple social media platforms (mostly instagram and snaphcat). So now, instead of posting #OOTD (outfit of the day) it's more like #workingout #selfie

We do this now to market men and ourselves in the internet world and get self reassurance on our 'attractiveness'. When once, exploiting or showing off clothing were to distinguish ourselves based off of what class society we were apart of, and that can be seen throughout history in every continent but especially during the 16th and 17th century Europe. Even during the 60's both men and women went through various self identity changes and styles was bit more absurd and blurred between the genders. During the phase of metrosexual, men would groom and have clean haircuts and stylish clothing to show they have wealth and can afford to buy nice clothes and stylish haircuts. Now spornsexual being a thing, is this reverting back to owning male's sexuality? What do you think would be next in a few years?