Chains and Dresses:

“I just want to tell them wear what you want, like me, I don’t give a fuck.” - Young Thug

When you think of a male rapper, what image comes into your mind? Usually it is the oversized t shirts, saggy pants, some fresh kicks, and gold chains, actually lots of gold.  I'm sure a dress is not what you picture, or a rapper that wears feminine clothing at all. A rapper that loves to be dressed in women clothing seems almost taboo, or among many male celebrity stars. Slowly, this is changing. Rapper Young Thug, has released an album that has startled the rap community, with people in shock of him looking so elegant in a dress. Alessandro Trincone, the designer of Young Thug's outfit, found inspiration  by Japanese kimonos and Kosode trousers that  give the appearance of being a skirt.


Even Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith, is the new face of Louis Vuitton for his individualism. Jaden has been often criticized for being seen wearing dresses several of times, among with other outfits that he's been criticized for being too 'feminine'. Hopefully, among the future men will be comfortable with wearing whatever they want to wear, because fashion should only be worn to express yourself.