Bip Burgers and Moochin Socks

Ever heard of Bip Bop? Bippping? And Yarrrr? Neither did I until I stumbled upon this gem of video. Take a look.

This quirky 90s influenced Pop beat is by Bip Ling, who started out as a DJ and Fashion Blogger in London, is now currently modeling for some pretty big campaigns in London, as well as being one the favorable faces of Forever 21. She's been blogging away since her teens, never fearless to show her odd and quirky personality online. Her blog is just full of in your face bright colors and a lotof 'Bip' 'Bippin'  and 'Yarrrrr' on her site. Which are phrases she made up based off of her name and has attracted many viewers and followers thus growing her popularity. She has always been surrounded by creativity and fashion, thanks to her mother, Tanya Ling, who is an artist and fashion designer as well as a fashion illustrator. According to an interview with DailyMail, Bip's mom would tell her that "everyday was style day" which allowed her to be fearless and find her own and unique sense of style.

One of my favorite quote in DailyMail article Bip Ling outfit is described.She wore some cut-off shorts with high heel boots and then a very colorful scarf and a 'jockey cap' and shedescribed that she didn't want to look 'sexy' which was why she added the scarf and hat to her outfit. Probably one the most wisest and bravest thing I ever heard. Women, especially young girls, are so concerned abouttheir outer appearance 'fitting in' and keeping up with trends (especially fashion trends). And with social media being such a big influence in these girls lives they are more easily influenced in being sexy, is still something many ads portray women need to be--what kind of clothes will define that to make them sexy. 

Although it seems like there is no new materials posted on her original blog (other than her other song she put out back the past June called 'Bip Burger'). She's moved on to other outlets to let her followers and admirers keep up with what she's doing and thinking on various social media accounts including twitter, instagram, and snapchat, like the rest of the world. Recently, she came out with a merchandise product socks partnering with Happy Socks where her signature mooch character is imprinted on the socks and her simple phrases like 'bippin' 'cuz' and 'yar'. Hopefully we will get to seem more cool bippin stuff from her.