18th Century Fall Punk

Comme des Garçons is hands down one of the best fashion designers that the world has gave us. Rei Kawakubo, who owns CDG, released her fall look during the spring fashion show with the look of "punks in the 18th century, which was a time of so many revolutions." Unfortunately, many critics found the look to be a disgrace to fashion, and not would put it under the name of 'fashion'. However, how is it not considered admirable, and fashionable just because it is different and unique?

Many of Rei Kawakubo's looks looked like a fabulous warrior off to battle wearing elaborate use out of black, white, blue, red, and pink fabrics. The only fabrics Kawakubo worked with were only brocade and silk. The distorted silhouettes shown through her new collection shares a past such as Marie Antoinette and her exaggeration fashion looks she provided for France in the 1700's. 

 Through her collection you can connect to each piece, such as how certain part of her collection resemble warrior clothing from ancient times. The distorted silhouette used in Kawakubo's collection is not simply for the aesthetic of bringing out that hourglass silhouette, which is so common, skin showing. But this is the exact opposite, less skin showing. Kawakubo expressing her own mind to the fashion world is truly a revolution, like how she got this idea of 'punks in the 18th century'. This is Kawakubo's punk revolution.