Funeral Parade of Roses

False eyelashes, swinging sixties fashion, gays, and drag queens running around Tokyo? So, in love with Funeral Parade of Roses! Surreal, funny, and stylized with a creepy twist ending that's synonymous with Japanese cinema. I love Eddie, the beautiful lady boy It girl. Shiny vinyl coats, gogo boots, and a plethora of wigs and the mod eye makeup! Between the drama and surrealist cuts are stylish moments of Eddie and her galpals shopping, cat fights, and using urinals in shift dresses.

It's fascinating to see how other cultures appropriate different styles from different countries. Take for instance the mod makeup. Interpreting western beauty for asian features by adding black liner to create a "crease" on their monolids. There is so many good things about this movie as it's hard to put in one category. It can be gay cinema, surreal art film, Japanese drama, mind f*ck thriller or fashion film. Watch this film and be inspired by the 60's Japanese dragqueen scene!*

EDIT: due to Elijah Wood's production company re-releasing this movie in 2017 you won't be able to find this for free on youtube like I did when I first saw it! Sorry about that!