Style Killer: The extent of competing who is the best dressed

Why is it that our self worth is defined by online statistics? Wanting this drives us to dress not like ourselves but more about attention whoring for the camera. When did our personal style give way to boosting our ‘brand image’ and social media status of best dressed? 


the cause

The fashion world has always seemed killer to outsiders (and insiders). And by killer I don’t mean totally rad but like, Battle Royale/ Hunger Games killer. The competition for best dressed is tougher than ever thanks to the internet. We hate on others who have more social media ‘likes’ than us. With the continually shrinking idea of privacy it’s become imperative to be seen by the entire world. Desperation for internet fame can bring anxiety and the sense that not just your peers but everyone in the world will be judging you. Being snapped is king, it’s absolutely vital you get those 5 golden words: “Can I take your picture?”. Vying to see who gains the most attention and praise drives people to wear insane things that aren’t them. This type of dressing is usually referred to as fashion victimizing. 

the symptoms

What comes from this heating desire to be seen? Most basic of human needs- Acceptance. To be liked and welcomed into the tribe. When you’re seeking approval and acknowledgment your sense of judgement goes wonky. Like the high school wanna-be turned psycho killer, yearning and clawing their way to the top messes you up, resulting in committing some ridiculous visual hazards. For instance your gut reaction to some garment is vomit inducing but you have a second thought debating maybe this isn't hideous! It’s eye catching and everyone will notice me and take my picture!!! Right!!!??

As we see validation given to someone else, desperation seeps in. Like the new internet disease F.O.M.O you can get the same emotional rejection from the fashion circus in what I call N.O.W.M.P (No one wants my picture). When N.O.W.M.P occurs our psychological needs aren’t met. Isolation, disengagement, and being unnoticed bubbles up inside.

Being snapped is king, it’s absolutely vital you get those 5 golden words:
“Can I take your picture?”

Now the feeling N.O.W.M.P isn’t anything new. “Keeping up with the Jones’s” concept has been around forever. Clouded with the goal of becoming snapped by these sartorial paparazzi we lose ourselves. Our own sense of personal style replaced by what we think these imaginary  judges will praise. We forget why fashion is fun and fascinating and become consumed in the rat race of 15 minute fashion fame.



So how can we manage our N.O.W.M.P? Like any rehabilitation program first step is acceptance. Accept you many not be the coolest looking or stylish beast every single second in your life. It’s ok darling! No one is! When you take that pressure off yourself, you can focus on what truly brings you pleasure in your dressing. You don’t have to be the center of attention and shouldn’t aim to. Your clothes and the way you want to dress up is an intimate experience for you only. People will see it but they shouldn’t have a say in what goes on your body. Your biggest judge is yourself and if you don’t feel that happy feeling in your gut when you look in your reflection. Than change your outfit boo and fuck the cameras. You don’t need voters to tell you how amazing you are and how awesome you look! It’s all you.