Sorapol A/W 2015 Collection: 'Ollin'

We live in the sun of Ollin, the sun of movement.

This is the concept behind London based fashion house Sorapol's latest collection. Inspired by the designers' escape into Aztec Mythology through silks, lamb leathers, and Thai beetles.

We were graciously invited to Sorapol's presentation through our favourite rabbble-rouser  Peter Paul Hartnett. We knew Sorapol made beautiful outlandish clothes and disappointment was nowhere near their latest collection.

Designer Sorapol Chawaphatnakul and creative director Daniel Lismore were inspired by a professor preserving Aztec temples who taught them the Aztec term "Ollin". According to Aztec legend there exists the idea of four worlds. These four worlds rose and were destroyed. By the time of the Spanish conquest the world entered the fifth sun known as Ollin representing movement. An expression for a cosmic age.

Aztec iconography is seen in supple lamb leathers to hand embroidered insects on saturated colors as rich as the Aztec culture. 

 One of the creators, Daniel Lismore

One of the creators, Daniel Lismore