Rooftop Fashion Show by Sav Noir

When walking up to the rooftop, I thought I wasn't going to be dressed up enough or maybe even under-dressed for the Sav Noir'sfashion show, by LA based-fashion designer Edwin Hayes. But once i got to the rooftop all I can see were leather jackets and black outfits. It was almost like everyone got the memo to dress the part. Because of that it made the atmosphere at the rooftop even more unique and captivating. Not only did it seem like the people participated to see Sav Noir's work but everyone dressed very edgy but you can easily tell each individual's definition of edgy and dark was portrayed in how they dress. There was one guy I sat across from who was wearing a black suit and a cool dapper hat that made him appear to look pretty classy and put together but then you'd notice his hands and neck revealing his tattoos that change the appearance of the outfit from a normal black suit and tie with a little bit of rebellion. Then there were some people that were dressed more with classic rock look with de-shuffled t-shirts and moto jackets sometimes customize designed standing around almost like posing around knowing that at some point people will take their pictures. 

While watching the fashion show, I noticed that majority of the male models were wearing black lipsticks which I thought was very interesting and there were different types of models walking the runway. Each had on very unique and 80s goth punk style look to and adding on to the wow factor the designer added some metallic pieces as well which definitely stood out to me and refocus my attention to the show. Even the models walk were different from the first show held during LAFW. Some walked faster than others. Some walked slower which gave viewers and myself more time to look at the designs and patterns .

After the show thought to myself I could have gone more casual than I thought. Thinking because I am a reporter. I should somewhat dress the part as one but at the same time I didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb. So I dressed in the middle not too casual for the show but somewhat professional enough be there.


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