JOÃO MELO COSTA: Hashtag minimalism with mind-fuck tailoring.

"The fuck is with the construction?"

I kept asking myself as each willowy beauty sashayed past me. Trying to figure out the patterns in my head (the skirt/pant in particular) made my head hurt and left me in a feverish curiosity, like after watching a Japanese psychological thriller. Portuguese designer Joao Melo Costa created mind boggling patterns and constructions that I still can't get my head around. Are they pants? Skirts? I will never know but still love it nonetheless. Streamlined silhouettes and lovely textural porn for any textile enthusiast to gag over. Taking the hashtag beyond mobile social media to the literal sense. Abstracting it into prints and gridlines that make up the whole collection. I liked it all. The pieces hit that sweet spot between completely wearable irreverence and that double-take 'fashion as art' level. Love love love it. ###