Clio Peppiatt A/W 15: Back the Attack. The Parkey Posey Party Girl collection.

Neon lights, vivid colors of reds, pinks, blues and yellows saturate the corner of Clio Peppiatt at Fashion Scout. Embedded with feminine iconography of perfumes, compacts, hearts, roses, kitties and naked ladies dancing. I felt like I was in the closet of the oh so fabulous Parker Posey from Party Girl. 

Encapsulating the essence of street smarts and devilishly fashionable 90's New York It girl Mary in Party girl, Clio Peppiat's clothes have major levels of fun, vibrancy, and sexy girlish womanhood. Supple leather mini's with mascara laden eyes, sequins, and candy coated furs for any woman who likes to have fun. 

Not only is it fun but the level of craftsmanship is unbelievable. I can go on describing the textural dexterity involved in her clothes. Sewing by hand every single candy apple red button to appliquéing leather cat-patched to mini skirts. Wearing these clothes transports you to the the 90's club scene dancing right next Parker.