Alexandra Moura A/W 15 collection. Funny farm or tribes of the world?

Just like art, clothes have different interpretations depending on the viewer or wearer.

In the Heavy London Showroom I came across the latest collection by Alexandra Moura (who we snapped up here). To me it was like seeing clothes from a sanitarium in an artsy film. Sterile off-white strait jacket like things, soft plush fabrics like from soft rooms in mental wards, ties that seem to incidentally resemble bows, circular palettes, and furry patches. 

But to my surprise after talking to the Lisbon designer herself she said her inspiration was far from the loony bin! Her influences traveled to tribes all over the world from the Masai to ancient Tibet. 

What makes Moura so intriguing is not only her designs but her concepts. She doesn't look at trend reports, market research, or reference from other past designers. It all comes from her own imagination, her own musings about the world, and feelings. Creating collections from this type of approach ends up making clothes that will never expire its 'trend date' and will still evoke curiosity and fascination.