Street Style isn't Coming out of the Streets Anymore

When "street style" or "street fashion" comes up in a conversation, I tend to think of urban and hip hop fashion or big designer who tend to mimicthe street style and interpret a fancy version of street style and then making their "street style" more mainstream and more into the fashion culture. 

However, street fashion and trends is a big part of the youth culture and is constantly changing as the youth and what they like is a constant shift in time.

As I started researching more about what is street style (when I mean researching, it's wikipedia giving me a jumpstart), street style is definitely way more than, urban, hip hop, and designer styletrendand more to street style, than I thought. There is Hippy, teddy boy, punk fashion, skinheads, gothic fashion, preppy, trendies, rasta, greaser, urban, feminine, kawaii, and then subcultures and trends that is constantly shifting and changing as years and trends go by and come back. 

For example, grunge fashion is a subculture of punk fashion that developed and was popular during the early 1990s during a time where the US was going through financial struggle and when alternative rock was a growing music style and people began to be minimalistic in fashion. Common pieces of clothing were plaid shirts, combat boots, and not a well groomed look. Some of this style came back in the early 2010 known as soft or pastel grunge , a style people are wearing. You can often see this style as a internet phenomenon originating   tumblr as a hashtag. It's all over tumblr and you can also see many Youtubers and gurus showing off the style trend. Since internet has become a serious influence in youth culture many style trends that would often be categories as a rare and street style are quickly becoming mainstream trends and so the rarity and style is short lived. However more trends and subcultures are emerging because of internet and social media.

A really artsy and eye captivating picture with the right hashtags can make it as the next big trend that our internet culture eats up. Thus is why I say "street style" isn't coming out of the streets anymore.