Reflekt Muse: Emmy Z.

Emmy Z. also known as “Lady Gagamelan” (she plays the gamelan hence the name) is a Malaysian lawyer by day and by night a dark and mysterious hijabista with a love for black chiffon, dramatic draping, and Comme Des Garcons. 

First met her online through her moody and ethereal tumblr featuring inspirational photos of Comme Des Garcons, Anne Demuelmeester, and Grimes. What made her stand out was everything was geared towards Hijab and modest fashion. An aesthetic not very common in the Malaysian hijab fashion scene, where bright girl colors and florals reign supreme. A sweet voice draped in shadowy silhouettes, read her style story and why she is the coolest hijabista in Malaysia. 

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A few of her favourite things...

Rick Owens, Hijab inspiration, Grimes