Jajaka Ivan Gunawan

While waiting for the next upcoming designer at LA Fashion Week, I was getting smiles from a woman who was garnished with exotic fabrics from head to toe. Staring at her outfit that looked so regal, I felt as if I was in the presence of royalty.  Among her were a couple of ladies dressed similarly, but with different patterns. I built up the courage to say hi in awe of how these women in their middle ages slayed everyone by wearing a elegant outfit called a Kebaya from their home country, Indonesia. They then expressed that they came to Los Angeles to see Jajaka by fashion designer Ivan Gunawan. Ivan Gunawan is famous in Indonesia for his elaborate collections that provide a youth look while giving back to Indonesia roots by adding a tribal feel to his outfits.  

The garments like the elegant women who were excited to see Ivan, resembled a lot of a  Kebaya - a traditional outfit in Indonesia. Gunawan expressed his new collection by adding a more tribal feel by marking his models with a face paint similar that the tribe of the Dani in Indonesia do to themselves with the circular dots.

Among other tribal features such as piercings, and circular earrings that each model wore. Their hair was elaborately decorated with colorful tassel-like fabric that attracted your eye as each model would have a different hair arrangement from another. In the background of the show, vintage pictures of Indonesia tribes played, that made you feel so connected to Indonesia's roots, and Ivan Gunawan's passion and love he has for his country, fashion, and his roots.