Street Style: Anime Expo 2014 edition

Fashion is everywhere and we pride ourselves into seeking it out past the red carpets and catwalks. Which brought us to Anime Expo 2014 in downtown L.A. Anime Expo is known for, well, anime and its die hard fanatics and cosplayers. Cosplayers are people who dress up as a fictional character from a show, comic, cartoon, movie, anime or whatever their heart desires. If you wanna know more about cosplay we did a fabulous style tribe feature on them in Issue 9 *shameless plug-in insert here*.

It was so crazy seeing all of these fantastical characters come to life and the energy and excitement emanating off of everyone. You can really feel people's love for anime and for each other. But we weren't there to snap up the cosplayers. We were interested in the people who opted not to be someone else and let their kawaii personal style be in the spotlight. As well as to see the Japan fashion show featuring some really cool Tokyo fashion brands like Ghosts of Harlem, Swankiss, KokoKim and featuring Kawaii International, a basic cable/internet t.v show about all things kawaii and Japanese fashion, who happened to filming one of their episodes at the expo!

What I found cool about these people who aren't cosplaying, is that they're not cosplaying. This is who they really are and feel most comfortable in. To some it may be unreality but to them this is their reality and that's amazing.

We hate saying trends- leaves a bad taste in the mouth, but certain ideas that kept popping up were:

Lolita Style

the unanimous non-cosplay style

Multi strand pastel colored hair

School Girl/Boy outfits


Anime accessories 

like this cute girl toting a Sailor Moon scepter!