Walk of Art: No Sesso Fashion Collection

On November 11 in LA’s Flower District, No Sesso hosted a fashion event showcasing its new SS17 collection. LA based fashion designer Pierre Davis chose the brand name No Sesso after an italian phrase meaning "no gender.” It emphasizes and embraces an affinity for fluidity in style.

The show began by entering into a small room painted completely white with a sliding door coming from the wall at the back of the room. Secondly, a video of the muses of the SS17 line gives us a taste of the designs to come. It leaves the audience in the dark upon the video’s end, joyfully interrupted by a model who was featured in the video walking out and lighting up the room by engaging one single plug. The string-lights were laid on the floor with a bunch of fabrics and objects that formed into the sculptural centerpiece of the room.


Each model that walked out of from the sliding door had an interesting interpretation in how to present the clothes they were wearing, accentuating the way they walked and the way they posed. Each individual embodied so much confidence and had their own unique walk, but at the same time it felt they walked to make a statement that the clothes were also portraying. It was very different from watching a traditional style fashion show where models just walked out onto the runway. The No Sesso show was fun to watch and the work that was put into the design of the clothing was admirable, with special attention taken into high quality embroidery work. No Sesso went above and beyond to create an amazing visual and artistic experience and it was far from being just another fashion show.