A Fairytale Tragedy in the Fashion World

Alexander McQueen shocked the fashion world. Isabella Blow, a fashion journalist born out of an elite family, supported his journey. McQueen and I is a documentary of their fairy-tale success story that's not so sweet after all.

McQueen started out as a tailor at a small business in England. Being in fashion is what he wanted, so he worked his way up and eventually succeeded. Now, he is one of the most notable influences for many designers.

His collections were daring, dark, and controversial, drawing his inspiration from the night-life experiences of Soho, London. During the 90s, people applauded his unique creativity and still saw it fit to criticize many of his works. Some said he employed misogyny, slavery, and rape imagery in his fashion shows. His shows were like no other, provoking the viewers. In the documentary, models were either described as being a walk of misfits or a group of distorted beings.

Isabella Blow (Izzy) describes McQueen as "A wild bird with a good civil act" and "a showman." When she saw McQueen's work, she became his road to success as well as his close friend.

The documentary in whole felt very much like looking through the tragic life of two people in the fashion industry. Izzy inspired many people to make fashion statements that are head scratching to the public eye, but have also made fashion and media headlines (Like Lady Gaga).  They both left behind their mark in the fashion world, inspiring a range of artists and fashion designers. The documentary struck a good balance between the storytelling of these two connected and influential people.