Elegance is Somewhere: Louis Philippe De Gagoue

Clicking away at my black plastic computer, I wandered onto LookBook and found this wonderful person. My jaw dropped, my first thought was, "I wish I knew someone this cool." 

Louis Philippe De Gagoue's style, elegance, and photographs congeal into this visual frenzy of pleasure. His appearance is unique and strong. 


When we find someone we adore and admire such as this fashion icon, people tend to want to emulate and appreciate there style and Incorporate it into there own. It's not copying it's admiring to such an extent to pursue it as there own. But always quote or mention your leader.

You don't entierly need tips to dress like this, or money. Be innovative.


Some quick ideas..

-Any pair of pants, paint a design on them.

-Sew bold colored fabric on the the lapels of a blazer.

His heavenly reminds me of Sapeurs, or La Sape. Like a Dandy, a person who is elegant in appearance and manners. "The Society for the Advancement of Elegant People". A social movement in Brazzaville, the capital of the  Republic of Congo.

They are all different in age, profession, and personality as well as in their look and taste in clothing. Almost all of them know each other.