A "Fashion" Boo Boo!

john band aids.png
Band-Aids are a good fashion accessory for teenagers, in inappropriate places for no reason. Rubber bands look really good, just 50 of them around your wrist.
— John Waters, Rookie mag

I want to make a point, getting hurt is not fashionable, nor is cutting yourself, or being bruised up, that sucks. As for the look of damage, its interesting, unpleasing, and people question why you would want to look such a way, and that's for you to determine your opinion.

This is not even a trend, it's a concept and thought, I am not 100% sure if John came up with this or heard it through the grape vine, but it's something to contemplate. 


Now stores sell band aids with cool designs on them, cute characters and the as always classic nude ones. Some kids, if they desire a particular character on a band aid, they happily use all the band aids up, just for there external appearance. I am not telling you what to do, it's simply to get the creative juices flowing. And most households have band aids, yes it's a waste, but you can get them at any 99 cent store or dollar store. Stick them on anything, your face clothing, glasses, shoes. To give you some ideas...

-Stick one on your eye brow, One on each. 

-Put them all over a shirt, Think Vivienne Westwood "Destroy Nazi"shirt, Early 80's all ripped up and have a few band aids on it.

-Shier dress or shirt would look great with band aids on it.

-Get cloth and cut band aid shapes out of it and then sew it on pants or any jacket.

-Make a band aid collar, get a dog collar and put band aids all over it.

-Any plaid shirt(or any shirt you like) and sew band aid patches on it.

-Fish net top with band aids.

-Any Converse like shoes would look great, or combat boots.


You can contemplate a mildly good reason for wearing band aids as and accessory, but when I did it, I really could not think of any, you could say it's for art, but it's really just to see how people react. 

To me, bad taste is what entertainment is all about. If someone vomits while watching one of my films, it’s like getting a standing ovation. But one must remember that there is such a thing as good bad taste and bad bad taste.
— John Waters