Reflekt talks...with DEGEN designer Lindsay Degen after glow from her latest FW14 collection

 Lindsay Degen, designer of NYC knitwear brand DEGEN

Lindsay Degen, designer of NYC knitwear brand DEGEN

We chat with knit-witty designer Lindsay Degen of conceptually kooky knitwear label DEGEN after the magical neon spectacle she created this season at New York Fashion Week!


What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?

This collection started with exploring various non-traditional knitting materials such as fishing line and reflective plastic strands. Knitting these materials made me feel excited about knitting all over again because they behave so much differently than wool and cotton.  I wanted to create that excitement in the viewer as well.

 Degen knitting at her knitting machine

Degen knitting at her knitting machine

How does it feel just finishing your latest AMAZING collection? 

I am really proud of this collection.  Also this awful weather is making me launch into working on Spring way more quickly than I normally do.  I AM READY FOR WARM WEATHER.

Many people have said your references and inspirations for your collections are more 'high-minded' and cerebral. Is that your aim or are these varied sources just things you were into at the time? 

I think the original ideas and the official statements that I make to support the collections are quite cerebral.  However, my goal in fashion is to make it fun and accessible to everyone instead of isolating. I think a highly cerebral execution of a fashion concept can be really isolating.

Everyone (via internet) has commented on your fishing line garments since the VS show. Do you think this will be your trademark? Do you want to be known for a signature 'thing'?

I think my signature thing should be knits and shoes.  I hope people will recognize me for exploring knitting in all different ways, techniques, and materials... not just the fishing line.

From knitting to Crocs, it seems you have Grandma-like inclinations, yet infuse youth with LOLs and platforms. How old do you feel mentally and can the senior citizen set rock your clothes?

I feel caught in the middle.  My bed time is 10pm or earlier like a grandma but also I want fashion to be fun like London youth subcultures.... I think everyone with confidence can rock DEGEN.